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Land Development and Civil is a dynamic engineering consultancy specialised in providing quality services throughout Auckland. Our team of engineers provide practical and cost effective solutions to a broad range of issues faced when developing land in today’s ever changing world. We are able to provide these practical and cost effective solutions though the considerable experience and technical expertise that our engineers have in both the public and private sector.

A few of the core issues we help our clients to resolve and navigate to ensure compliance with regulations are flood risk assessments, storm water management devices and engineered designs for storm water and wastewater systems. We also design compliant shared driveways to ensure safe and efficient access to new developments and can assist with your earthworks and sediment & erosion control measures.

We have an established track record of working on projects of various complexities and are widely recognised within the council offices across Auckland.

Our specialty is to work with clients from day one, and guide them through the process along the way.

We aim to meet or exceed our client’s expectations when working with them on projects. Our engineers are specialists in their fields and committed to achieving the desired end result for our clients.


Team Profile Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas
Managing Director

Daniel is our Managing Director (BE Civil Honours University of Auckland), he is a Registered Engineering Associate (REA) who has 15 years experience as a Civil Engineer. Daniel started LDCivil in 2013 to help fill Auckland’s need for sustainable engineering solutions to provide for our future growth. He has worked within the framework of the Auckland Council since its amalgamation. Daniel has the ability to provide our clients with an efficient design of infrastructure suitable to service subdivision and land developments. Daniel has a strong connection with the ocean brought about through surfing and fishing and LDCivil are proud to financially support sustainable coastlines.

Rubens Elling-Junior
Civil Engineer

Rubens graduated with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from SOCIESC University in Brazil, before moving to New Zealand in 2016. His role at LD Civil involves the planning and design of civil infrastructure for multi-unit development projects. He is well versed in ensuring compliance with all the relevant Code of Practices to ensure a smooth path through Council. Rubens has a strong background in 3d computer modelling and is a member of Engineering New Zealand. Rubens loves drumming, cooking and a cold beer.

Team Profile Peter Reid
Peter Reid
Principal Engineer

Our Principal Engineer Peter is a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) (BE Civil, University of Auckland). His career has focused upon the water aspects of Civil Engineering with over twenty-five years in local government within the Auckland Region. He has a broad experience and detailed knowledge of all aspects of storm water and waste water engineering. Through his many years of working for Local Authorities, Peter brings to our team his knowledge of Council’s responsibilities, systems and processes, together with an understanding of what Council officers look for when we are submitting engineering reports and designs.

Team profile land development and civil ltd
Katherine Selby-Smith
Senior Civil Engineer

Katherine’s background is in Water Engineering (BE Environmental, Unitec). She brings to LDCivil the technical assessment of water, wastewater and stormwater engineering issues relating to Subdivision, Land Use, Building and Engineering Application consents. The specialist input Katherine provides includes wastewater and stormwater capacity assessments, stormwater mitigation design flood assessment reports, including overland flow path assessments, flood plain analysis.

Team Profile Felix Nguyen
Felix Nguyen
Civil Engineer

Felix first developed his problem-solving and practical skills through his role as a CAD/ Civil 3D technician. He graduated with an Engineering Degree in Construction Economics. He has an interest in hydrology/ hydraulics, water resources and storm water management. Felix’s development at LD Civil focuses on three waters design as well as inundation studies (flood modelling and flood mitigation). In his work to date at LD Civil he has been gaining experience in Resource Consent and Engineering Approval acquisitions that assist our clients in their subdivision projects as well as help him develop pragmatic approaches to our technical designs.



We work in conjunction with surveyors and planner to determine the most practical way to develop greenfields land or re-develop brownfields sites. Consideration needs to be given to planning and density requirements as well as infrastructure restrictions, flooding issues and access requirements (among other things).

Our engineers are familiar with the potential implications of funding, consenting and construction requirements and how these can affect the timing of subdivision and land development projects. We can help you assess these potential implications from the initial stages through to completion.

Specialised areas include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Infrastructure reports
  • Engineering cost estimates
  • Project and contract management
  • Inspection of engineering works to ensure compliance


We specialise in the efficient design of infrastructure to meet your project needs. Whether this be stormwater, wastewater, water supply or roading we can ensure the design meets Council requirements as well as being practically achievable onsite.

Specialised areas include:

  • Engineering design of proposed public wastewater, stormwater and water supply extensions.
  • Assessing the capacity of existing and proposed networks
  • Firefighting water supply requirements
  • Engineering design of the alignments and gradients of new shared driveways.


We have considerable experience in providing the design of innovative stormwater solutions in a range of contexts. This includes hard infrastructure solutions as well as low-impact-design (LID) solutions depending on the situation.

Specialised areas include:

  • Stormwater management in industrial and residential sites
  • Stormwater detention and retention (re-use) to comply with SMAF regulations
  • On-site stormwater disposal and discharge
  • Design of stormwater quality treatment devices
  • Flood risk assessments and overland flow path management


The Resource Management Act (RMA) promotes the sustainable management of natural and physical resources such as land, air and water. Your development may have “effects” on the environment, but will these effects be more than minor, and can they be avoided, remedied or mitigated? Land Development and Civil can help you to navigate this legislative framework and advise how this may affect your development.

Specialised areas include:

  • Stormwater quality treatment, attenuation and re-use
  • Hydrological neutrality reports
  • Flooding effects from both flood plains and coastal inundation
  • Erosion and sediment control requirements
  • Onsite wastewater systems


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